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Meggitt Control Systems has been designing, manufacturing and certifying heat management systems since the birth of aviation.
The automotive-style radiators we made in the 1900s and adapted for the Spitfire’s Rolls-Royce Merlin engine in the 1930s, are now the multiple-flow, multiplecircuit heat management systems needed for the most advanced power plants. Not only do they control engine and airframe oil and fuel temperatures safely, they have been developed for specialist applications such as fuel nozzle temperature control to prevent fuel carbonisation; and bearing air and turbine blade cooling.

This long-standing experience — and ability to exceed the service and technology requirements of modern, international aerospace — means that Meggitt Control Systems remains the preferred choice for new aircraft engines, especially when it comes to the bespoke thermal management engineering we are known for.

Our UK-based, custom-built factory of 50,000 square feet is supported by repair and overhaul facilities in North America and Asia.
Product development concentrates on reliability, low maintenance and long life. Our systems — over 100,000 in service — can last as long as a properly maintained airframe. Units are usually specified ‘on condition’ and rarely need any form of maintenance — we have examples of units returned to us for their first overhaul after over 40,000 hours on wing.
Our design expertise also enables units to be more compact, optimising housing, yet offering multi-system thermal management functions by integrating one or more flows on both fluids.
The unique design of the matrix or core — the key element of every heat exchanger — significantly decreases overall lifetime cost. The operational lifetime of a Serck Aviation tubular unit is three million flying hours and over one million for our plate and fin types.