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Tubular heat exchangers

This product’s matrix provides the best performance and lowest cost of ownership for bespoke applications, with mechanical-bonded interfaces allowing complete freedom of movement during thermal expansion – unlike brazed units where stress fractures can occur. Its innovative design means that single tubes can be easily replaced during overhaul periods, minimising costs to operators. 50 million Serck Aviation bonded interfaces in the field have never failed.

Plate and fin heat exchangers

Our brazing process produces joints of extremely high integrity, ensuring operational life is not reduced by corrosion. Due to the removal of redundant channels required in some vacuum-brazed units, the overall unit size can be reduced too.


Serck Aviation heat exchangers can be installed on the fan case or the engine core itself. For environments where air temperatures are greater than 500°F, we use nimonic materials to maximise operational life.


Meggitt Control Systems can cover all engine-related heat management problems from main engine oil cooling to servo fuel heating and our units can solve hydraulic airframe thermal problems.
Our fuel-cooled, mechanically-bonded matrices are highly reliable and tolerate thermal fatigue.
To save space and unit weight, our fuel-cooled heat exchangers are multi-matrix, multi-flow systems.
The quality of our brazing eliminates the need for additional containment channels, minimising unit size.
In extreme temperature environments, our tubular nimonic heat exchangers maximise operational life.